With the emergence of stem cell treatments and clinics around the world, it is reasonable to question is stem cell a medical trend, a fad, or a legitimate medical breakthrough in regenerating and restoring our bodies?

Smart questions and skepticism are common grounds for those that do not understand what stem cell therapy is and how it exactly works.

As consumers and patients, it’s critical we ask what are the risks, who are the doctors, what are the benefits and the ultimate question, is it safe?

The FDA is cracking down on many unofficial, unregulated stem cell clinics in the US that claim to use stem cells derived from a person’s fat to treat diseases and conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), lung and heart diseases. Clinics are selling treatments that have not been approved or even lead by a licensed medical doctor at the site. These “snake-oil” clinics rose from a booming industry and an opportunistic chance to jump on a bandwagon of a $120 Billion dollar industry potential in 2030.

And if it’s done right, with the right medical doctor and right medical procedure and record of proven successful  treatments, then the patient’s entire life is changed for the positive and is able to return to his or her active lifestyle.  This is what legitimate, licensed, highly- skilled and highly- experienced sports medicine doctors can do for you.

This is also a conversation that becomes revolutionary and the desired hope for humanity’s cure and solution to sports injury.  Regenerative therapy is a breakthrough that can minimize loss of activity.

How does PreciseCare Regenerative Sports Medicine Differ From All Others?

  • Dr. Goswami and his team come from 25 years of medical experience in regenerative treatments with surgery and radiology specialties.
  • Regenerative therapy relies on body’s own ability to heal itself from within, not from an outside source.
  • Our treatments are not invasive requiring little downtime and allowing for quick recovery.
  • Starting with your consultation, and subsequent treatments, the staff at PreciseCare performs a stringent assessment of your health to identify any known or potential risk factors.
  • The staff at PreciseCare is required to participate in continued medical education programs to keep abreast of the latest scientific knowledge and then works diligently towards applying that knowledge to all aspects of our day to day practice.
  • Each step of your treatment™ process has been borne out of years of experience from performing thousands of treatments. Our protocol, coupled with Dr. Goswami’s unique expertise in two specialties, makes your treatment rapid and effective.

PreciseCare is one of the first medical practices in Newport Beach, CA to bring regenerative expertise into the community.  Our patients are living proof of our successful treatments.

Based in Newport Beach, CA, PreciseCare is an innovative sports medicine clinic lead by Dr. Gaurav Goswami who treats sports injury, joint pain, arthritis, declining performance and more. Known for his non-conventional methods, Dr. Goswami specializes in Regenerative Sports Medicine providing advanced minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments to athletes of all ages and levels with the goal of returning them to optimal performance.

Learn more at www.PreciseCare.com. Or call 949-734-9696 to request additional information.

If you’ve been injured and you want to investigate all your treatment and recovery options, schedule an initial 1:1 evaluation with Dr. Goswami.