Cell Therapy

A New Era in Medicine

With so much hype and news about stem cells, let’s try to understand the fundamentals of stem cell therapy.

Stem cells are what started your life, as these cells form different body organs and then continue to replace and renew old cells with new cells throughout the remainder of your life. Every organ system in your body carries your own stem cells. This constant turnover of cells is the fundamental basis of your existence.  

When you suffer from disease or injury, your local stem cells try to help you heal. You often rest, heal, and recover when the damage is minor. You need treatment when the damage is significant or persistent and involves loss of local cells. So far, your treatments have been in the form of drugs or surgeries.

When you supplement your local stem cells with other stem cells, it is called stem cell therapy.

Take charge of your healing.

regenerative cell therapy

Heal Naturally

Unlike toxic drugs and damaging surgeries, stem cell therapy promotesnatural healing and recovery by replacing damaged cells with new cells.

Things are much more complex than just this simple definition. Which type of stem cells, how many stem cells, and how stem cells will be placed in your body are all still unanswered questions.

We now have published evidence of the application of stem cells for joint pain, back pain, and sports injuries. At the same time, one should understand the limitations and risks involved in stem cell therapy. There is such a lack of standardization in how stem cell therapy is performed that there are no apples-to-apples comparisons.

When you completely educate yourself about the science of stem cells and their role in your particular condition, you can decide if stem cell therapy is right for you or your loved ones!

Achieve Pain Relief Without Steroids or Surgery