Joint Pain

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Joint Pain

Joint pain can make even simple daily activities like walking or exercising into a gantlet of discomfort. At the Goswami Clinic in Newport Beach, California, regenerative medicine physician Gaurav Goswami, MD, employs leading-edge therapies like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, stem cell therapy, and other regenerative treatments to keep you moving. To learn more about how the skilled team can improve your joint pain, contact the Goswami Clinic by phone 949-734-9696 or email at Sandra@theGoswamiClinic.com  to book your consultation. 

Joint Pain Q&A

Should I seek help for my joint pain?

Joint pain crops up from time to time for most people. If persistent symptoms worsen and impact your quality of life, however, it’s time to talk to the Goswami Clinic team. While joint pain varies from person to person, you may experience:

  • Pain when you try to move the joint
  • Trouble bending or straightening a joint
  • Clicking, snapping, or grinding joints
  • Numbness
  • Enlarged or stiff joints
  • Trouble sleeping

If your pain keeps you from walking normally, or if the joint feels hot or swells up,   you should seek an evaluation immediately.

What can I expect when I pursue joint pain treatment?

At your consultation, Dr.Goswami conducts a thorough clinical exam complete with imaging evaluation. A comprehensive treatment plan is developed to improve your quality of life and get you the necessary rehabilitation to maintain healthier joints in the future.

The team focuses on technologically advanced, minimally invasive treatments that work to preserve and repair your natural tissue, helping you avoid surgery, and returning you to a healthy, active life as quickly as possible.

What regenerative therapies can address my joint pain?

The Goswami Clinic takes a holistic approach to every patient. The team performs thorough evaluations and uses innovative treatments such as:

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy

PRP contains a high concentration of growth factors to accelerate healing and facilitate repair. Moreover, the treatment is safe and well-tolerated. To use PRP, the team isolates the platelets in your blood and injects them into the joints to reduce inflammation and ease your pain.

Platelets are not stem cells. In order to be effective PRP needs  to be prepared in a specific manner. All PRP methods do not give similar preparations therefore effectiveness varies. At the Goswami Clinic your PRP is prepared to its highest standards.

Cell therapy

If you want to avoid the side effects of medications and the long recovery times of traditional surgeries, stem cell therapy can help. The team at the Goswami Clinic may employ this approach to repair the damage contributing to your joint pain and relieve chronic inflammation.

Additionally, cell therapy can treat conditions like back pain, arthritis, and sports injuries. A variety of cells are available for treatments. Contact our patient care coordinator, Ms.Sandra for details.

Cell Booster

Lifestyle factors such as movement and poor nutrition can contribute to joint pain. The Goswami Clinic offers supplement recommendations to support healthy cell turnover, combat aging, or give your body the anti-inflammatory boost to remove roadblocks to your treatment plan.

To learn more about how regenerative medicine can address your joint pain, contact the Goswami Clinic by phone 949-734-9696 or email at Sandra@theGoswamiClinic.com  to book your consultation.