Dr. Goswami was very knowledgeable and caring.  I’m glad we chose him and not another doctor we had visited first in Beverly Hills.  My mother is 84yrs old and both her knees have stage 4 osteoarthritis where there are no longer any cartilage in between the knees.  She had extreme pain when standing or walking.  All the other traditional doctors had said the only option would be surgery.  But at her age, that would be extremely dangerous.  We decided on stem cell treatment instead.  Dr. Goswami and his entire staff were extremely professional.  Shortly after the treatment, my mother already experienced  less pain and is able to walk short distances without the excruciating pain.  We are looking forward to the months ahead as the cells contribute to grow and she improves even more.  I highly recommend Dr. Goswami and his stem cell procedure as an alternative to surgery.