I love to mountain bike, sometimes going on multi-day rides in the Sierras. My ankle was starting to bark back after long rides due to arthritis incurred after multiple sprains in my 20’s. And i was no longer able to run because the pounding severely irritated the ankle.

Dr. Goswami performed his miraculous stem cell injections 12 weeks ago, and I am already biking pain-free. During my follow-up PRP injections (“the fertilizer on the lawn seeds”), imaging showed that the joint surface was already smoothing out. Dr. Goswami said cell proliferation would occur for 8 months, which means I may have 5 more months of improvement ahead!

I am super-excited about my mountain biking continuing, and am dreaming that I may sometime even be able to run a bit again.

Now a bit about the team. Sandra in front is super-helpful and friendly, Ruby in the back room couldn’t be more supportive and kind, and Dr. Goswami is:

  • Understated. He never sold the procedure, and under-promised likely results.
  • Patient. He took his time explaining the process, my condition, and how results are achieved. I never felt he was rushing anything.
  • The best at the procedure. Much technique is involved in stem cell treatment, both in where the cells are pulled from (is your current doctor using bone marrow in addition to fat cells?), and insertion of the cells.

Lastly, without violating patient privacy, know that another ankle patient I am close to was limping severely before the procedure with bone-on-bone and no hope of a surgical correction. After only 10 weeks post-treatment he says he his pain-free for the first time in nearly 20 years, and that he must re-learn how to walk without limping because there is no longer a need to favor his bad ankle.

I am a believer in this new miracle treatment, and according to my research, Dr. Goswami is the best in SoCal at providing it.