I had heel pain everyday upon waking up in the morning. I work out and am on my feet for work daily, which makes my day feel twice as long with my feet pain.

I tried steroid injections, stretching, a boot and numerous other remedies. I heard a lot about this type of stem cell treatment and know others that have benefited from it.

I did the procedure on November 6th and as of today, December 10th my feet are great. The procedure was not much different pain wise from a steroid injection. The results don’t mask the problem, but fix it. My feet took a few days to start feeling normal, and after that, I have to say I am amazed. My feet are feeling fantastic, and I am so happy to have done this to regain my normal life back.

Dr. Goswami is so great with explaining everything, and his staff was great with making me feel comfortable and informed about every detail.

My feet are my life. When my feet are hurting, it’s no fun and a lot of sitting. My family and work appreciate it almost as much as I do. Thank you PreciseCare for getting my feet back to normal.