Advanced Regenerative Sports Medicine
Advanced Regenerative Sports Medicine

Elsa B.

I have arthritis in my left knee. It was bone on bone. Consequently, I had to cancel many social functions due to severe pain. I had difficulty with stairs, anything with too much walking involved, as well as pain / stiffness if I sat too long.

I chose to work with PreciseCare in order to avoid surgery, downtime and needing the help of friends.

After undergoing PreciseCare Cell Therapy™, I have no more pain. Walking is now comfortable (I no longer use a cane), I can sit for 2 hours with no problems, stairs are becoming easier, and I have not canceled any social events. I’m a happier person and have a better outlook on life. My favorite part about the PreciseCare staff is their kindness, patience and understanding.

Bad Regenerative Cell Therapy from PreciseCare, California

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