How to Prevent Fatigue and Burnout

Athletes understand that competing comes with a price of potential injury that could change their sports careers, especially if they don't properly address their health conditions.

Since athletes are mostly Type A personalities, excellence and relentless training come with an overwhelming toll.

Fatigue and recovery from the competition and ongoing workout can be a hard journey to sustain. And it takes professional therapists and doctors to assist in sports injury, recovery, and therapy.

What do athletes need to know about their fitness regimen

As an athlete or a person with an active lifestyle suffers from a repeated or one-time injury, there will come a time when it’s necessary to prepare your body to return to your sport with endurance, power, and agility.

This type of sports therapy, known as “return to play therapy,” is specific to the sport you play.

With a "return to play" approach, you're guided through the proper steps and exercises to help you recover quickly. You learn how to condition your body and the injured site to return to rigorous play.  

keep joints healthy


Movement patterns and imbalances are assessed and corrected to prevent fewer injuries including repetitive motion injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and overuse injuries.

At PreciseCare, we offer a comprehensive treatment and rehab program to ensure the highest level of recovery and sports therapy to allow athletes to return to their play and respective competitive sports.

With this integrated sports injury, recovery, and prevention program, we can help personalize individual’s goals, sports lifestyle, and training to deliver the most optimized outcome while treating and healing the root of the injury.

Another major element is muscle fatigue.

Muscle fatigue is an exercise-induced reduction in maximal voluntary muscle force, which may be caused by peripheral changes at the level of the muscle (peripheral fatigue).

It may also occur because the central nervous system fails to drive the moto-neurons adequately (central fatigue).

Fatigue is inherently a part of exercising but in our training plan and preparation, we can identify imbalanced patterns at the core of injury causality and correct them through targeted training.

Depending on the nature and extent of the injury, therapeutic exercises, home exercise programs, and manual techniques are included as well in the program.

Our rehab program and regenerative cell treatments are carefully designed to help with preventative injuries for future play while healing any injured areas as holistically as possible.

To learn more about our sports therapy program and regenerative treatments for your knee, shoulder, ankle, hip or spine, request additional information or to learn more give us a call or schedule an initial 1:1 evaluation.

Based in Newport Beach, CA, Precise Care is an innovative sports medicine clinic lead by Dr. Gaurav Goswami who treats sports-related injuries, joint pain, arthritis, declining performance and more.

Known for his non-conventional methods, Dr. Goswami specializes in Regenerative Sports Medicine providing advanced minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments to athletes of all ages and levels with the goal of returning them to optimal performance.