We have known that stem cells have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Corona virus is a respiratory disease that causes severe inflammation of the airways and the lungs. Extensive pneumonia is the cause of death in most patients infected with corona virus. Currently there is no vaccine or cure for this novel infection. In a study published out of Shanghai, China, Dr Zhao and his colleagues treated seven patients who had severe advanced Corona virus associated pneumonia with stem cell injections. Over next 2weeks following the injection of stem cells, all patients showed marked clinical improvement and survival. It is also important to know that stem cell injections have been used to treat few other conditions and have been found to be extremely safe. Clearly more studies are needed to verify the efficacy of this approach. Currently FDA does not approve of this treatment in United States. Given that there no definitive treatment available for corona virus infection an argument for compassionate use of stem cells on a case by case basis should be made, especially in severely ill patients fighting Covid-19 pneumonia.

CT images before (Feb2) and 2 weeks after Stem Cell treatment (Feb15)‬.

CT image before Stem Cell treatmentCT image after Stem Cell treatment

Zhao et al Aging and Disease Volume 11, Number 2; 216-228, April 2020