We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a stem cell clinic. However, we truly believe our stringent stem cell therapy protocol is one of the best around. Here’s why:

1. Multiple sources of stem cells are used.

Stem cells, also known as regenerative cells, can be harvested from various places in your body: bone marrow, blood, fat and a few others.

However, these different sources contain varying amounts of growth factors, as well as varying volumes of regenerative cells. In order to create the optimal environment for regeneration, our protocol leverages your own stem cells from a variety of sources. This approach also helps us create a customized treatment protocol for your specific condition.

To learn more about the sources of stem cells and their corresponding isolation processes, click here.

2. We have an outpatient procedure, all completed in one sitting.

Our stem cell treatment does not require a visit to a hospital. In fact, the procedure is done in one sitting…it typically takes a few hours, from start to finish. Plus, under mild sedation, you are comfortable through the entire procedure.

3. Our stem cell treatment is minimally invasive.

This is not an open surgery. Quite the opposite in fact! Because PreciseCare Cell Therapy is minimally invasive, there are no scars or stitches.

4. Injections occur with imaging guidance for precise delivery.

In order to ensure that your own stem cells reach the site of your injury or disease, we perform the injections under imaging guidance. Precise delivery is an extremely important aspect to a successful outcome. Think of it this way…if your regenerative cells don’t reach your diseased joint, how will they help it heal?

5. Cells used are fresh, not frozen or cultured.

Because we perform all aspects of this procedure (harvesting, isolation and delivery) within one sitting, your own cells are fresh so that you get the maximum benefit.

6. There's no risk of cell rejection or disease transmission or cancer.

Our protocol uses adult stem cells from your own body. Consider organ transplants…there are risks of disease transmission or rejection. In this case, because we are using your own cells, these risks don’t exist.

7. Up to 3 joints can be treated in one sitting.

Imagine being able to treat your knee, shoulder and hip pain . . . all within a few hours! With PreciseCare Cell Therapy, this is possible.

8. The recovery is quick.

You may be a little sore immediately following the procedure. However, you’ll be able to return to your normal daily activities within a week. Peak improvement takes time and typically occurs between 2-8 months, depending on your individual condition and your compliance with the post-procedure instructions. However, most patients feel a little better every day after their treatment!

9. The procedure is cost-effective.

Even though health insurance carriers have yet to embrace this procedure, the out-of-pocket costs are more than well compensated by the quick recovery and return to activities with practically zero downtime! Plus you continue to maintain a high quality of life given the risk of complications is negligible.

10. Your own stem cells are not manipulated or artificially induced.

When stem cells are manipulated or artificially induced, not only is it less likely that you will get a successful outcome, but this approach also holds a number of risks.

While we are not the only stem cell clinic in Southern California, we believe we are one of the best. Every aspect of our procedure has been perfected and refined in order to maximize your chance of success. Plus, our preparatory protocol further ensures the optimal performance of your regenerative cells, so that you’ll have better tissue regrowth.

Most importantly, we have a high patient satisfaction rate and have helped many people overcome their pain, so they can reclaim their lives. In fact, we commonly hear our patients describe our stem cell treatment as the best thing they have done for themselves!

If you’re considering stem cell therapy as a possible treatment option for your sports injury, joint pain or arthritis, schedule a 1:1 consultation with Dr. Goswami. We’d love to demonstrate why we are the best stem cell clinic to help you.

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