Questions You Should Ask!

”The entire human body is a collection of cells, our cells are the fundamental unit of our life”

- Dr.Goswami

Just as the resolution of your phone screen is dependent on the health of pixels constituting it, your daily life depends on how well your cells are functioning. How your cells respond to disease and injury determines the symptoms you feel. Unless there is healing at the cell level, you are unlikely to feel better. Medications and Surgeries in most cases have completely bypassed this scientific truth. While they may have a role to play in certain conditions, we have to focus on healing our bodies by healing our cells.

However new treatments come with their own fallacies primarily due to lack of understanding both among the patients and their providers. Stem cell world can be murky with lots of ill-understood treatment. If one thing we have learned or should have learned from the recent crisis is, let's not play with mother nature! Questions you should ask when considering stem cell therapy!

  1. What are stem cells?
  2. What is the role of stem cells?
  3. Why are stem cells important?
  4. If my body is full of stem cells, why do I need help when I suffer from disease or injury?
  5. What is stem cell therapy?
  6. What are the different types of stem cells?
  7. What are the different sources of stem cells?
  8. I am old, are my stem cells ineffective?
  9. What conditions can be treated with stem cells?
  10. Are there conditions where stem cells may not be helpful?
  11. How are stem cells prepared for treatment?
  12. How are my own stem cells collected from my body?
  13. How are stem cells delivered into my body?
  14. What are the potential risks of stem cell therapy?
  15. How many stem cells do I need? Is there a specific number?
  16. Besides the number of cells, what else is important in stem cell treatment?
  17. How many stem cell treatments will I need?
  18. What is the success rate of stem cell treatment?
  19. Why do some patients not see results after stem cell therapy?
  20. Are stem cell treatments FDA approved?
  21. Does insurance cover stem cell treatments?
  22. How much does it cost for stem cell treatment?

Think about the above questions. Expand your knowledge, don’t fall for treatments that don't work. Explore answers to above questions so that you can develop a better understanding before deciding on any stem cell therapy.