"Dr. Gaurav Goswami is extraordinary-the rare caliber of physician whom a patient is most fortunate to ever find. Not only is his anatomical knowledge and procedural acumen outstanding; he is kind, warm, deeply intuitive, and earnestly empathetic, possessing an ardent determination and dedication to help his patients recover to the maximum. Dr. Goswami's regenerative medicine procedures are indeed precise (true to his practice's name), streamlined, and fineĀ­tuned, sparing the patient as much discomfort as possible; moreover, these procedures are remarkably effective. I can personally vouch for his PRP local injections, adipose extraction for stem cell therapies, and same-day stromal vascular fraction infusion, all of which were seamlessly performed and yielded potent, permanent healing results. Thanks to Dr. Goswami's successful efforts, there is a strong likelihood I will be able to avoid surgery for a chronic acute athletic injury that is 17 years old! I have recommended him to my closest friends and family-some of whom have already benefited from his care-and will continue to recommend his services without qualification or hesitation. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Goswami's staff is a pleasure to work with and mirrors his excellence: surgical assistant Kimberly is kind, patient, and supportive, offering a very comforting, reassuring presence during procedures; and office manager Sandra is a consummate professional, likewise genuinely kind, helpful, responsive, and efficient. Everyone at this office takes great pride in their work. Five of five stars for Dr. Goswami and his stellar team in Newport Beach."

Thank you note