Spider veins are thin, branch-like veins that swell when the vein's one-way valves weaken and allow blood to pool instead of returning to the heart as intended. As a result, the veins may look like branching or broken fine lines that are red, blue, or purple. Spider veins most often appear on the legs but may show up on the face as well.

Spider veins often look unsightly, but in some cases, they may feel painful too. Regardless of your exact circumstances, Dr. Goswami's considerable experience allows him to evaluate and treat cases with a very high rate of success.

How Are Spider Veins Treated?

Generally, Dr. Goswami recommends a combination of lifestyle changes and medical treatments to relieve your symptoms, prevent complications, and improve your appearance. Options for medical treatment include the following:


SclerotherapySclerotherapy is the number one treatment for spider veins, and it works by injecting a special solution into the damaged veins to make them collapse. This prevents blood from flowing through the troublesome veins, eliminating the awkward appearance and symptoms.

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What Should I Expect after Sclerotherapy?

Generally well tolerated you'll only feel a mild burning sensation. Most patients can return to work and other daily activities the very same day, but strenuous activities such as exercise should be avoided for up to 7 days. Compression stockings may be recommended mostly during daytime for that period.

As the treated vein shrinks and fades ,It takes about 6-8 weeks for the sclerotherapy results to become fully visible. Depending the extent and severity of your veins additional treatment sessions may be needed

Foam Sclerotherapy

This procedure involves injecting a combination of a special solution and a foaming agent, such as air, into the diseased veins. This collapses the veins and prevents further blood flow, which makes the vein disappear.

By mixing in air to create a foam solution, foam sclerotherapy offers better contact between the solution and the walls of the vein. This leads to quicker results with fewer treatment sessions and has proven very useful on larger spider veins and varicose veins.


Before and After Spider Vein Removal

Before and After Treatment

What Should I Expect after Foam Sclerotherapy?

Patients experience virtually no downtime and can usually return to work the same day, although strenuous exercise should be avoided for up to 10 days. Compression hose may be recommended in the beginning. It may take a few weeks to see the final results.

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