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Regenerative Cell Therapy in Hollywood,CA helps you find pain relief and may help you avoid invasive surgery!

The Goswami Clinic is a leading regenerative medicine clinic in Newport Beach, California. Our focus is to offer treatments that are less invasive alternatives to steroids and surgery. We want our patients with back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, and anyone who needs cell therapy in Hollywood,CA to heal as quickly as possible by inducing natural repair and regeneration. We use a variety of advanced non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques to keep our patients active so that you can continue to do things you love for as long as you desire.

Its purpose is to heal your tissues through regeneration.
No foreign agents or chemicals are used.
The procedure is safe and easy on your body.
The recovery process is quick with very little downtime.
Our Regenerative Cell Therapy Process
When undergoing treatment at the Goswami Clinic, here’s what you can expect:

Stem Cell Injection Therapy from PreciseCare, California


Step 1
Based on your condition, if we can be of help, you can schedule an in-office evaluation by Dr.Goswami. (If you’re cannot travel to our office, the initial evaluation can be done over the phone.)

We will review your medical history and symptoms in-depth with you. This will be followed by a thorough clinical examination.

Although we encourage you to bring any prior imaging studies you have (especially those done in the last 2 years), we can perform imaging evaluation during your visit using either an ultrasound and or Xray, both of which are available on-site.

Dr. Goswami will then make the best treatment recommendations for you based on your individual condition.


Step 2
If your treatment plan includes treatments with us, you will be seen by our Physical therapy and rehab team so that we can better guide you on your recovery process. Our nurse will also review with you any special precautions you need to take or any medications that may need to be stopped prior to the procedure.

Step 3
On the day of your procedure, you’ll come to our office. Dr. Goswami will go over the steps of the procedure and answer any last-minute questions you may have. You will get a combination of local anesthesia only or some twilight sedation as per your needs. Most treatments are well tolerated and almost painless in our experienced hands. Once your procedure is complete, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions to ensure optimal recovery.

Step 4
After your procedure, we will continue to follow-up with you. We will assess your level of activity and review your pain level, and make any recommendations as necessary to make sure you are on your way to becoming active again. The process of regeneration does take some time and depends on each individual patient. That is why we encourage our patients to comply with all follow-up instructions provided to you at no additional cost.


Why choose us for your treatments?

We are not a drive-by stem cell clinic nor do we make claims that our treatment is for everyone. If we can help and you are accepted as a patient with us, we can assure you we will leave no stone unturned to get you the best possible outcome. Each step of our treatment process has been borne out of years of experience from performing thousands of minimally invasive procedures. Our refined protocols, coupled with Dr. Goswami’s unique expertise in Surgery Interventional Radiology & Regenerative Medicine, make the procedure almost painless, not to mention rapid and effective. All treatments come with an extensive follow-up to help you achieve your goals.  To discover if you're a good candidate for cell therapy in Hollywood,CA , please contact us through our contact page.  To learn more about the Goswami Clinic and what we do, please connect with us on Facebook!

Are you in too much pain to practice, play, and perform your personal best?

Inflammation and injury happen. With regenerative cell therapy and a holistic approach to orthopedic science, you can return to leading a fun, active, and fulfilling life. Our Newport Beach clinic focuses on treatments designed to keep you active for years to come.

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