Advanced Regenerative Sports Medicine
Advanced Regenerative Sports Medicine



Questions One Should Ask When Considering Stem Cell Therapy

Questions You Should Ask! ”The entire human body is a collection of cells, our cells are the fundamental unit of our life” – Dr.Goswami Just as the resolution of your phone screen is dependent on the health of pixels constituting it, your daily life depends on how well your cells are functioning. How your cells...
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Stem Cells show promise in treating Coronavirus (COVID-19) associated Pneumonia

We have known that stem cells have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Corona virus is a respiratory disease that causes severe inflammation of the airways and the lungs. Extensive pneumonia is the cause of death in most patients infected with corona virus. Currently there is no vaccine or cure for this novel infection. In a study published...
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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Looking for more information about regenerative treatments & Regenerative Cell Therapy? We’ve compiled a list of peer-reviewed publications organized by joint, injury, disease & treatment.

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