Stem cell therapy specialist and expert Dr. Gaurav K. Goswami M.D. and vegan biohacker and wellness entrepreneur Ariane Sommer will be hosting a webinar to discuss creating the ultimate human experience mentally, physically, and spiritually – with a particular emphasis on new technology surrounding regenerative cell therapy and the varieties of ways this revolutionary treatment method can positively impact all areas of your life.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, or if you’re simply obsessed with living your healthiest and best life, this is your chance to hear two leading experts and global thought leaders explore one of the leading holistic alternatives to steroids, surgeries, and other invasive medical treatments.

Stem cell therapy at its core is meant to heal your tissues through regeneration.  There are no foreign agents or chemicals used in the process and the procedure is safe and easy for your body.  There is very little recovery or down time (if any), and this treatment has been shown to boost vitality and help with the recovery and repair of injuries and disease.

The webinar will be held January 15th at 11AM PT , the zoom link for the webinar is TBD.